New baby card

So many of my cards feature a cut out shape stuck onto some folded card. And that’s it. But I’m fine with that, I love the simplicity and speed and I’m sure there will be plenty more cut out shapes stuck on card from me in the future.


Toilet roll plane

Ah, the summer holidays, what fun we’ll have. Early on I realised this would only be possible if I planned each day, including craft activities in advance. I envisioned a timetable bursting with fun, yet educational activities designed to entertain my children whilst preparing the eldest for school at the same time. I would plan using Pinterest and all would be merry. Once again, things haven’t quite worked out that way but hoorah anyway for Pinterest and the ability to type in ‘toilet roll plane’ and discover a craft activity that will keep the attention of my 4 year old son whose interest is vehicles and nothing else.

We used this amazing plane tutorial to make this beautiful plane and my son was entertained for at least 2 hours plus I can throw it in the bin guilt free when it gets damaged. Bonza.


D for Daisy

In my mind, I’m quite the party planner and in the months leading up to small ones bdays, I conjur up visions of table settings with perfectly coordinating plates, napkins, mineral water bottle labels surrounding a cake that is the carbohydrate replica of whatever cbeebies character my offspring happen to be into.

In reality, I spend these months admiring other peoples extreme efforts on Pinterest and then in the week before, ring my mum and ask her to make a quiche, and on the day reel out some old bunting made of old clothes and stick a candle in a Victoria sponge. Next year, I say, will be the year of the themed party.

But this year, I’m going to do it. I’m already half way there in that I have a theme (daisies) and have got the invites both designed and sent.

To make them, I first sketched some rough ideas,


then used the amazing Picmonkey which I only found out about it via this incredible list. It’s so easy to use, I love that you can drag an image onto it to edit and that all the bonus features are currently available  to all. Here’s how:

1. I found a hi res grass image (google hi res grass) , uploaded it and cropped.

2. Used the text function to add a no. 1 which I enlarged to required size.

3. Luckily for me, there is a whole section in overlays called ‘Daisies’ so I simply selected the daisy I wanted, then added lots to cover my no 1, resizing them to add variety.

4. Finally, I added the all important date/time/location details via the text function

5. saved, printed and dispatched.

First step of perfectly themed party complete.