Perfect patterns

Oh my gosh I love pattern. And colour. And pattern and colour. And Pinterest, where beautiful patterns flow about, ready to be collated and poured over for months to come.

Here are a selection of some of my current favourite prints where the colour and pattern are both, in my opinion, going for it.

Helga White by Hamburgerliebe on Spoonflower

Childhood a Tana Lawn by Liberty Art Fabrics

Helen Dardik, although it was difficult to pick just one.

Beautiful gift wrap from Leah Duncan at Betty & Dupree

Leah Duncan Triangles,

Put a lid on it by Michael Miller available from Fancymoon

Put a lid on it by Michael Miller

Amy Butler Water Boquet Midnight fabric available from onlinefabricstore

Amy Butler Water Bouquet Midnight Fabric

Annabel Grey – cut flowers

Annabel Grey cut flowers hanging

Studio Lisa Bengtsson – Tyget “Baronessa” Rosa/Gul

Tyget "Baronessa" Rosa/Gul

Seagull by Jenny Lee-Katz