AeroPress Love

I like coffee. I’m actually pretty happy with instant most of the time, it’s obviously not ‘proper’ coffee but it’s a warm, caffinated beverage  that I enjoy. However, sometimes I yearn for the real thing but can’t be bothered with most of the home brew methods.  

Some common options and why they are not for me:

Stove top  – I’m too inattentive and forgetful

Cafetiere – The thought of washing it up makes me sigh

Filter machine – I don’t have one; they take up valuable worktop space

Fancy pants machine – see above re worktop and cleaning, plus I’m a tightwad.

But there’s another option! Some years ago, a dear friend, knowing my love of coffee and of gadget, bought me an AeroPress.  Looking a bit like (what I imagine) a penis enlarger looks like, and coupled with little filter paper circles and things that unscrew and plunge, it ticks many boxes. It also makes lovely coffee for 1 or 2 people  and in about 1 minute too, combining pressure, filtering and steeping method in one, giant syringe like contraption.

This is what I do:

  • Slightly plunge plunger into main tube.
  • Add scoop of chosen coffee
  • Top with water from freshly boiled kettle
  • Stir
  • Put filter paper in lid
  • Attach lid
  • Hold coffee mug over lid
  • Walk to sink
  • Invert operation so coffee starts entering cup
    Walk back to counter
  • Fully plunge
  • Add milk or whatever
  • Enjoy!

To wash up, just plunge the grains straight into bin and quick wash of parts – takes seconds.

So simple and effective, I LOVE my AeroPress! Plus it’s made by 80’s park staple Aeorobie so bonus points for that.


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