Yellow pom pom trim

When we first saw viewed what was to become our home, the curtains in the sitting room were pretty amazing. 100% man-made fabric in a vibrant orange, they co-ordinated perfectly with the brown/orange swirly carpet. We were suprised when the current owners decided to keep the curtains although turns out it was for the grandson’s fashion project so made a bit more sense.

Anyway, the replacements were brown and barely covered the sil and were nasty too so it was off to IKEA for me to find some replacements. In the end I went for these tab topped ones, but chopped off the top and sewed on curtain tape so they worked with the existing rail. It’s a bay window so it needed 3 seperate curtains to get good cover and there was always a plan to one day improve this situation and jazz them up at the same time.

That day came and it was with great delight that I chopped the middle one in half, sewed each half onto an existing curtain and edged each curtain (now 2 instead of 3)  with the most delicious yellow pom pom trim.

Adding the trim was simples, just pinned it on and then whizzed it through zig zag stitch.

It’s a reflection of my empty life when I tell you that this pom pom trim makes me so happy each time I enter the now totally transformed room. The yellow works well with the pale grey walls, pink lamp and blue stool and when I get all 4 aligned, it’s almost too much.

Sad, but true.

painted bistro chairs

Garden furniture

In an earlier post, I mentioned Brackenwood Garden Centre which is stuffed full of beautiful plants and their associated gubbins. While it has a cafe, that’s not really the main draw, and if you are looking for a non-plant gift then look elsewhere. However, at the opposite end of the scale, if you are after 90% gift shop/10% plants, then one that I can really recommend is Burford Garden Centre, and it was here that I first laid eyes on the beautiful Fermob bistro chairs (although they don’t seem to sell them anymore, at least according to the website).

fermob bistro chairs

These are classics, and it was love at first sight, until I saw the price tag which made them out of reach for me.

So, imagine my excitement when I saw a similar set in my secret favourite place – Argos! Yes, it was all white, and probably not as well made but at just £50for 4 chairs plus a table, how could I say no.

argos patio set

A bit of paint later*, and a not-dissimilar set at a fraction of the price. Yippee

painted bistro chairs

I just used paint that we had hanging about in the shed but I would like to respray one of the grey ones yellow, and do the table as well.

*plus approx 2 years procrastination…