D for Daisy

In my mind, I’m quite the party planner and in the months leading up to small ones bdays, I conjur up visions of table settings with perfectly coordinating plates, napkins, mineral water bottle labels surrounding a cake that is the carbohydrate replica of whatever cbeebies character my offspring happen to be into.

In reality, I spend these months admiring other peoples extreme efforts on Pinterest and then in the week before, ring my mum and ask her to make a quiche, and on the day reel out some old bunting made of old clothes and stick a candle in a Victoria sponge. Next year, I say, will be the year of the themed party.

But this year, I’m going to do it. I’m already half way there in that I have a theme (daisies) and have got the invites both designed and sent.

To make them, I first sketched some rough ideas,


then used the amazing Picmonkey which I only found out about it via this incredible list. It’s so easy to use, I love that you can drag an image onto it to edit and that all the bonus features are currently available  to all. Here’s how:

1. I found a hi res grass image (google hi res grass) , uploaded it and cropped.

2. Used the text function to add a no. 1 which I enlarged to required size.

3. Luckily for me, there is a whole section in overlays called ‘Daisies’ so I simply selected the daisy I wanted, then added lots to cover my no 1, resizing them to add variety.

4. Finally, I added the all important date/time/location details via the text function

5. saved, printed and dispatched.

First step of perfectly themed party complete.